Frequently asked questions:

When will I receive my reeview?
All our reviewers are working professionals in one of the major studios of the world. They will try to deliver your review in 7 days, but sometimes it might take longer due to their schedules at work. We will notify you in those cases.
I don't speak English. Can the reeviewer speak my language ?
No problem! We have reeviewers speaking vast majority of languages. Just select somebody who speaks your language and when submitting the demoreel choose The language you want the reeview to be in. from the dropdown menus.
I have no idea which reeviewer to choose. How can I know who will give me the best feedback?
If you don't have a preference who to choose as a reeviewer, don't choose anybody and we will assign someone who we think will be the best fit for your demoreel and your persona.
I don't have my demoreel anywhere online. Can I upload it somehow?
Just upload it to Youtube or Vimeo first and then you will be ready to submit it here.
I have shots in my reel which I can't show to the public. Can I show them just to you ?
We take copyright seriously and if you don't have permission to show something we recommend not showing it at all. If you have the permission to show it, but you still don't want to have a public demoreel on either Vimeo or Youtube, just upload it to Youtube as "unlisted". Please don't put password on your demoreel as we can't view it.

If you have any problems with the website, send us an email to
We are hard at work and usually answer the same day.