Christian Haniszewski


Rigging, Design, Modeling, Sculpting, Generalist

English, Polish


Brave, Monster University, Epic, Rio, Rio 2, The Peanuts Movie


About Christian
Who can you help, and how? I've been part of reel reviews which lasted for hours. Many of those reels didn't get past the first 10 second mark just because of their introduction. It is a harsh reality, but its the truth. gives the artist an opportunity to help guide and construct a reel that will catch the eye, and maintain the interest of the viewer through careful guidance. Can you tell us about yourself and your background? I'm from the Tri-State area. I've been working in the fine arts since a young age and attended many AP studio programs in my early education years. I attended the School of Visual arts in New york city and went into the Computer Art program to get a degree in a Bachelor in Fine Arts. I've worked in several affect houses, game company, and feature film studios. My craft in each studio differed, but of my time in the industry, feature film was my favorite. There I was a digital sculptor, modeler, and rigger. The thrill, the challenge of creating something from imaginations and making them believable is what i love. How did you get to where you are now? During College I was working for Nathan Love which was a character animation studios in New York City. There I created digital sculptures of creatures and beings that were used in shorts and commericals. After My time there I went to work for Framestore, which is a visual effect studio in New York City. There I worked on multiple commericals and a film called "Salt". I created many digital maquetes and sculptures which where later used in commericals that aired for the olympics and sporting events. The work that I did on "Salt" comprised of lighting,materials, and compositing. After working at Framestore I went to go work for a Game company in the city which was called 4mm Games. I was responsible for creating artistic packages which involved 3D artwork that were used for pitches for future games. After working in a game studio I wanted to try something different and was hired at Pixar Animation Studios, where I was a Character Techincal Director. There I modeled and rigged on few films, and was later put on as a digital sculptor for a future project. I then returned to the Tri-state Area and joined the Blue Sky team. What projects have you worked on? "Salt", "Brave", "Monster University", " Epic", "Rio", "Peanuts" Where do you draw inspiration from? Artists of all types, Music. What I can draw from my surroundings. Tell us something odd about yourself? I hate milk