Allison Rutland





Toy Story 3, Brave, Monsters University


About Allison
Who can you help, and how? I can help animators looking for critique on their work, especially reels featuring character acting. I can also help identify which shots to keep on a reel and what order they should be in. Can you tell us about yourself and your background? I am from Canada. I was always interested in drawing and animation growing up. I did a Fine Arts degree at McMaster University, then I went to Sheridan College for a one year Computer Animation course. I worked as an animator in Toronto for a few years, then London, and now California. How did you get to where you are now? I guess a lot of hard work. Animation is something that I love doing and I'm obsessed with continuing to learn more and improve my skills. What projects have you worked on? Some of the films I've animated on: Everyone's Hero Narnia: Prince Caspian The Tale of Despereaux Where the Wild Things Are Toy Story 3 Brave Monster's University Inside Out Tell us something odd about yourself? I play bass guitar in a Blues band.