Jesse Flores


Lighting, Rendering, Materials, Other

English, Spanish


About Jesse
Who can you help, and how? Those who are serious about presenting themselves as a professional and executing what's necessary to push their reels. Giving an honest critique to ensure an artist is not only capturing the attention of the audience within seconds but leave them wanting more. I truly believe a reel can tell a lot about a person, not just in the quality of their work but their own confidence. Can you tell us about yourself and your background? A native new yorker who has never missed an art class since kindergarten. I was a traditional artist all the way to my first computer classes at the School of Visual Arts in which I found myself easily transferring over years of experience into the digital arts. I did not have the slightest idea about VFX or the industry in general when my studies began but I couldn't be happier. Being in this constant changing environment has only led to me continue my curiosity into what is possible. How did you get to where you are now? During my college years I was always interested in the way an image was presented using light and color. I was hired as a full time lighter at Framestore NY right after graduating where I had the opportunity to push my skills in the very fast pace of commercial work. During this time the texturing workflows were beginning to shift and I found myself at the right time for The Foundrys' Mari texturing software. Curiosity and the interest to have more control over the final look of my assets lead to me settling to focus on as look development artist. My work caught the eye of The Foundry and I was given an opportunity to demo their software and present on FxPHD. My reputation then lead to another full time position with the Mill where not only do I continue to push textures and materials but also help the studio with their Mari pipeline and training. What projects have you worked on? Many many commercials, with some being Superbowl spots. Where do you draw inspiration from? Stories. From short films to the everyday joe. Everything to a wall has a history. Tell us something odd about yourself? At one point had 6 piercings from the neck up.